The beginners course is a great way to start on your journey of discovery about Pinot Noir. With 10 sessions over about a year and a half you will increase your understanding of Pinot Noir, “The Heartbreak Grape”.

You will develop wine tasting skills, taste Pinot Noir from around Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Other Australian regions and International examples including Burgundy.

Early in each course you will spend time in the vineyard tending allocated rows of vines, you will undertake pruning, bud thinning, wire lifting, leaf plucking and bunch thinning under supervision. Each of these early sessions end with a comparative tasting of Pinot Noir.

Eventually vintage will arrive and it is time to pick crush and ferment the grapes, then the wine will be pressed into barrel and or demijohns.

Peter Mitchell supervises the wine making and maturation of the wine. Finally it will be time to bottle your own Pinot Noir.

Bottling at the beginners course 2013

Bottling at the beginners course 2013

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