Pruning Dromana 2017 and Tasting

Today we pruned our rows at the Dromana Estate Vineyard. We have 10 rows each with 40 vines.

Where possible we cordon prune. That is we keep 2, 1 year old canes and tie these down along the fruiting wire. Easier said than done. Sometimes we are faced with little choice and spur prune and hope that next year there will be suitable canes to lay down.

As everyone turned up today (thanks) we were able to complete pruning in about 4 hours.

After pruning we tasted 12 wines. Some from Northern, flatter regions of Mornington Peninsula (Tuerong) and some from the Eastern regions, Merricks and and Balnarring.

I found many really attractive wines with my highest scores going to Hurley Hommage 2015, Ten Minutes by Tractor Balnarring  2015 and Dromana Estate 2016. This shows what many have said, that 2015 is a very good year for Mornington Pinot Noir.

There where a few wines that were disappointing, finishing short and some with harsh finishes. Not a characteristic one wants to see in Pinot Noir.

Interestingly the Dromana Estate Pinot Noir has won this tasting a number of years previously coming 1st in tasting held in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015. This wine is often overlooked by consumers who gravitate to higher priced but better known wines. why not get down to Dromana Estate and taste this wine at the cellar door and decide for yourself.


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