Pressing Winbirra Wine, approaching the end of vintage.

Today we pressed the wines from Winbirra vineyard.


Vintage is reaching its end. Due to a small crop we managed to fill our new barrel but only one barrel with a small amount of pressing wine, perhaps 40lt held in a variable tank. This will be used for topping up the barrel.

Unlike Winbirra, Bellingham had very good yields this year. one can appreciate why vignerons ideally have a range of sites and perhaps varieties to reduce risk.

A very late vintage with some late ripening varieties (Shiraz) struggling to ripen and time is running out. Recent wet weather an low temperatures over the coming days are signalling the end of vintage on the Mornington Peninsula.

As you can see pressing requires a large number of men looking at one or two people actually doing anything. where as pressing down the cap of the wine requires only one woman being supervised!

The wines pressed today will sit in barrel till early 2018 when we will be back to bottle.

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