Preperations for Vintage 2016

Today we prepared for the upcoming vintage which should be about 2 weeks away, depending on weather.

We removed green or damaged bunches.


Green or damaged grapes are removed now, about 2 weeks before harvest

Most importantly we undertook a bunch count and weighing in order to estimate our future crop. Bunch counts were done on randomly selected vines and this provides an estimate of the number of bunches across our 400 vines that we tend. Then we randomly take 4 bunches per row and weigh them in order to estimate crop size. All going to plan (the birds don’t attack) we estimated we will get about 1300 Kg of grapes, which should give us 700 litres of wine, perhaps 2 barrels and some spare if individual want to ferment small batch of their own.

The sample bunches taken for weighing are then crushed and sugar reading done. Two readings were taken, the refractometer indicated 11.5 Beaume, the hydrometer indicated a little below that. Acid readings will be done later today.


Sugar readings are done with a refractometer (shown) and a hydrometer.


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