Vintage at Winbirra

The Winbirra vineyard is about halfway between Red Hill South and Point Leo. 

Here we are fortunate to have to have 4 clones to work with, MV6, 114, G Clone and D Clone.

2017 vintage did not produce high volumes but we do hope to get at least a barrel and some extra from the crop. We pick in a single pass but into 2 buckets for each picking group. the very best fruit, free of any bird or wasp damage or excessive shrivel went into the 1st bucket, remaining fruit into the 2nd bucket though some was discarded completely.

Once but at the winery (Bellingham) the 1st selected fruit went straight through the crusher destemmer. Due to the limited quantities we were unable to separate clones as we have done in some previous years.

For the 2nd selection of fruit we used a sorting table and though time consuming we are sure the effort to remove unwanted grapes from this selection will ensure superior final wine.

Juice showed good levels of acidity and ripeness so no need for any additions.

We will be pressing the wine tomorrow so we will then know how much we have produced. Fingers crossed.



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